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art at Convergence Station the Meow Wolf in Denver. photo by Joshua Hardin | , , , , ,

The magic of Meow Wolf

January 2022
It’s obvious this will be different from a standard museum experience from the moment visitors arrive. Someone clad in a spacesuit calls out through an amplified headset, “Welcome to Convergence Station. Have you traveled with QDOT before?” QDOT, we learn, is the Quantum Department of Transportation, the agency tasked with guiding “travelers” through this strange spot...

John Kite playing piano in the lobby of the Brown Palace. Photo by Joshua Hardin | , , , , , , ,

The Brown Palace

November 2021
POP! The telltale sound of a champagne bottle uncorking reverberates in the hotel’s eight-story atrium lobby. People young and old — the tattooed, the golf-shirted and three blondes clad in yoga pants and perfect makeup — cross paths heading for elevators, restaurants and a large revolving door leading out into downtown Denver. Ladies in big hats sip tea, while an immaculately-dressed Cuban man in a Panama hat checks in for a stay celebrating his 55th birthday. This is a day in the life of the Brown Palace Hotel & Spa, where similar scenes have played out since the hotel opened in 1892.

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Let’s be frank: These Colorado hot dogs are worth relishing

July 2020
Though debate continues as to whether or not a hot dog is a sandwich, one thing remains clear: The right combination of casing, cooking and toppings make for a tasty treat. A good hot dog should release a burst of juices and zest when you bite into it, an important and distinct firmness-to-flavor equation.

illuminated neon sign of a happy chef flipping pancakes at Pete's Kitchen | , , , , , ,

NEON: Denver’s Gordon Sign lights the night

May 2020
The happy chef, who first flipped his hotcakes in 1955, beckons diners to Denver’s Colfax Avenue 24 hours a day — a neon sign with the added oomph of animation. This beauty, and many others, was made by Gordon Sign, the oldest continuously operating sign company in America.

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The Cherry Cricket

July/August 2019
Food and recipe multi-page feature spread for Colorado Life Magazine, a print publication exploring the Centennial State’s most fascinating stories, captivating characters, and spectacular scenery.

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My Period Is Ruining My Marriage

June 2019
Personal essay for The Girlfriend, a digital publication for Gen X women from AARP—the large nonprofit, nonpartisan organization and producer of the largest circulation publications in the U.S.

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The Future Could be Beautiful

September 2009
Cover story for Women’s Magazine, a defunct monthly publication by the Boulder Daily Camera; this first-person longform narrative discusses the BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes, my family history, and my own struggle with the choice to know or not to know about my fate with cancer.