I love supporting other writers as they shape their essays, articles, and books.

A collage of articles edited, copy-edited, written, or ghost-written by Leah Charney.

From writers, with love

The best compliment I ever receive is when a fellow writer wants to work with me. Over the years, I’ve supported both fledgling and established authors, essayists, and freelancers. Some writers want a trusted second set of eyes, while some need in-depth edits to help shape the final output. Others just need a cheerleader and a push in the right direction. The following items show the wide range of pieces and books I’ve touched in some way. (If you’re looking for my own writing clips, visit my Portfolio page.)

“Leah Charney has an eye for detail. Her editorial help has improved my writing and brought out the best in my work. She’s the editing queen!”

Lisa Kanarek

“I’m going to go ahead and thank Leah Charney for every book I write for eternity. I owe you my first born, except you already have your own…”

Erin K. Barnes

“Leah’s ongoing support and understanding of my creative vision really drove this project to completion. My only complaint is that I did not bring my manuscript to her sooner.”

M.K. Sheehan

“Leah brings passion and an eagle eye to critiques, as well as thoughtful suggestions about where to pitch. Plus, she’s funny in her own work and in person.”

Jen Reeder

“Every single time, Leah comes back with brilliant edits and targeted markets. I have sold essays entirely because she knew which market would publish it.”

Amy Paturel

Services Included.

Full Final Draft Review + Line Edit

Pitch or Placement

Structural or Developmental Editing

The Full Cheerleading Package (AKA services included all of the above)