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Case Study: Art Students League of Denver

Art Students League of Denver (ASLD) is an inclusive community with more than 30 years of history where professional, working artists provide arts education to students and peers at all levels. My friends at the communications design firm MATTER invited me to join forces in supporting ASLD as they phased out a large catalog printed multiple times a year. ASLD, MATTER, and I all worked together to ensure every function the physical catalog provided was replicated digitally. I reviewed, updated, and created systems, producing training materials for staff along the way. To guide the smooth transition, proactive communication to both faculty (internal communication), as well as students and members (external communication) was our highest priority. Because art is for everyone.


  • Easily executable plans and process for ASLD staff
  • Solutions to communicate shifts and expectations with instructors while simultaneously encouraging buy-in
  • Clear division of labor and expectations for marketing (social media, e-newsletter) and communications tasks among ASLD staff members
  • Create a consistent experience for all customers
  • Suggested content for the ASLD website and social channels that empowers and encourages both new and existing customers
  • Maintain existing respect and reputation within the community and build on that legacy to grow further and continue serving others

“Leah’s expertise is perhaps matched only by her kindness and ability to make the hard stuff fun. In helping to envision a new communications strategy for our organization, she was careful to consider not just the work that we do, but who we are. Her attention to the needs of our staff made all the difference in creating a plan that allows us to grow without burning out. Leah is an incredible resource!”

Rachel Basye, Executive Director
Tessa Crisman, Communications Specialist
Daniel McMahon, Marketing Support
Art Students League of Denver

Services Included.


  • Strategic E-Newsletter Plan:
    • In-depth analysis of existing email marketing process
    • Clearly defined frequency, type, format, and audience
    • Design guidelines for consistent look and feel
    • Resources, best practices, and documentation for self-guided training and ongoing staff learning
    • Matrix of suggested content and resources for upcoming newsletters (e.g. direct links to website links, other online resources, video, curated content, etc.)
  • Social Media Analysis:
    • Insights and recommendations for existing ASLD channels
      • Suggestions for platforms to add and retire
      • Clearly defined frequency, type, format, and audience
    • Competitive analysis of five organizations serving similar audiences
    • Resources, best practices, and documentation for self-guided training and ongoing staff learning

Coaching & Training

  • Social media training session and interactive workshop
  • LinkedIn-specific coaching with development and fundraising in mind


  • Internal + External communications strategies
    • Initial rollout plan for communicating catalog changes first to instructors and then to constituents and community at large
    • Suggested systems for internal communications with instructors
  • Initial voice and branding documentation and groundwork
  • Project liaison and managing project team communications


  • Audit of existing website and all digital properties/assets, including class registration and general user experience
  • Research and suggestions for how to reclaim a Facebook page from past admins
  • Audit and review following updated website design/refresh

Leah provided smart tips for better engaging our social media audience, which we put to use and have seen a major improvement. She was attentive to our needs, especially as a non-profit, understanding the nuances, limitations and possibilities we encounter that are uniquely different from other organizations. With Leah’s support, I feel more equipped and confident to tackle our LinkedIn messaging as she provided thorough strategic steps, robust examples, and realistic goals. I also greatly appreciated her level of responsiveness, organization, and commitment to our timeline. I absolutely treasured the time we worked together.

Sarah James
Development Manager
Art Students League of Denver

Partners in Success.