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Cooking With Cathie: Canna Brownies

February 2023
Maybe you’ve heard them called “pot brownies” but no matter what you call them, the results are chocolatey every time! Pecos Oasis co-owner Cathie loves a good canna recipe, which is why she’s thrilled to share her famous brownie recipe with you.

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4 Cannabis-Infused Mocktails

December 2022
Now that weed is legal in New Mexico, you may be looking to learn different ways to consume recreational cannabis in a more familiar way. While our selections are nice for ringing in the New Year, they’re also perfect for drinking all season long. When desired, you can skip the cannabis or add alcohol instead, but we prefer these as cannabis-infused mocktails.

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The Cherry Cricket

July/August 2019
Food and recipe multi-page feature spread for Colorado Life Magazine, a print publication exploring the Centennial State’s most fascinating stories, captivating characters, and spectacular scenery.