New Mexico

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Can I Use Cannabis To Get More Sleep?

January 2023
Though the CDC recommends adults ages 18-60 get 7 or more hours of sleep per night, a 2006 Institute of Medicine Committee on Sleep Medicine and Research estimated that 50 to 70 million Americans deal with chronic sleep issues.

A clear glass mug with a handle sites on a silver placemat. The mug is filled with a chai tea mocktail and has a cinnamon stick poking out of the top of the beverage as a stir stick. An orange with a small amount of the peel removed is placed next to the mug. | , , , , ,

4 Cannabis-Infused Mocktails

December 2022
Now that weed is legal in New Mexico, you may be looking to learn different ways to consume recreational cannabis in a more familiar way. While our selections are nice for ringing in the New Year, they’re also perfect for drinking all season long. When desired, you can skip the cannabis or add alcohol instead, but we prefer these as cannabis-infused mocktails.

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How to Consume: From Flower to Concentrates

December 2022
The ways to consume cannabis have changed since recreational marijuana has been legalized by many states, including New Mexico. So what do all these words — like flower, dab, distillate — even mean?

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Christmas on the Pecos – A Carlsbad Holiday Tradition

November 2022
Nothing says “Christmas in Carlsbad” like the annual holiday tradition of Christmas on the Pecos. For the weeks between Thanksgiving and New Year’s, Pecos River Park becomes a wondrous winter land that looks like something out of a story book or movie. Not even Clark Griswold could compete with Carlsbad!

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How Can Cannabis Help Keep Your Holidays Stress-Free?

November 2022
During the most wonderful, and sometimes stressful, time of the year we often just power through. It’s what humans do! If you’re curious about how legal weed might be able to support you, we have you covered.

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Small Business Saturday: Carlsbad Holiday Gift Guide

November 2022
Did you know? When you shop local, more of your dollars stay in the local economy. That’s why we’d love you to shop small and keep it local by supporting our fellow businesses.

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How to Buy Legal Cannabis in New Mexico

November 2022
Now that weed is legal in New Mexico, it’s important to know the state's marijuana rules. We want your shopping experience to feel pleasant and positive, not shady or shameful. Here’s your guide to make visiting a dispensary easy and what you need to buy legal cannabis in New Mexico.