lighter skinned hand clutching a rubber chicken with wide eyes and an open mouth. image by Whampoa Sports Club from Flickr | , , ,

Homegrown novelty company makes SLC the rubber chicken capital of the world

July 2021
How many rubber chickens does Loftus International produce each year? Casey Fitts, CEO of Loftus International, and its new owner as of 2018, won’t squawk. “That’s an industry secret,” he said.

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The Worst First World Problems (If There is Such a Thing)

June 2016
For your eye-rolling scrutiny, we offer up the "problems" that drive us battiest. Which ones get your goat?

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Surviving Casa Bonita… Challenge Accepted

March 2015
Those not in the know are often surprised that Casa Bonita isn’t just something made up by those wacky South Park guys. Humor feature for West Colfax Lately, a magazine printed in collaboration by the 40 West Arts District, City of Lakewood Economic Development, Lakewood-West Colfax Business Improvement District, and the West Colfax Community Association, located in the vibrant Denver suburb of Lakewood, Colorado.

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You Can Take a Fish to Casa Bonita…

August 2014
...But you can't help him dive.