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exterior of artwork at All Star Park in Lakewood Colorado | , ,

Little league dreamers play like big leaguers

March 2022
Driving on West Alameda Avenue in Lakewood, Colorado, might elicit a double take. Is that...? It can't be! But it is: A miniature carbon copy of Coors Field, home of the Colorado Rockies baseball team.

lighter skinned hand clutching a rubber chicken with wide eyes and an open mouth. image by Whampoa Sports Club from Flickr | , , ,

Homegrown novelty company makes SLC the rubber chicken capital of the world

July 2021
How many rubber chickens does Loftus International produce each year? Casey Fitts, CEO of Loftus International, and its new owner as of 2018, won’t squawk. “That’s an industry secret,” he said.

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Dolan Geiman brings out the beast in his art

November 2019
The question isn’t what it is about Colorado that inspires Dolan Geiman, it’s what doesn’t? “If you stick around, the night birds come out and trill and rustle in the little canyons below the hills, sending their songs like sharp little lullabies gliding up the hillsides,” he said. Most of his resulting artworks draw not from a specific memory, but instead by adding elements of many observations together, “like ingredients in a stew.”

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Denver’s 16th street ‘doors to nowhere’

September 2019
Perched above Denver’s 16th Street Mall are two mysterious doors. The doors lead nowhere; opening them would mean tumbling down thirty feet to the road below. Yet these obscure doors used to be the main commercial entrance to each building. How is that possible?

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A Very Alive Ghost Town

July 2019
Front of book story for Colorado Life Magazine, a print publication exploring the Centennial State’s most fascinating stories, captivating characters, and spectacular scenery.

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Manassa: Colorado’s most perfect town?

July 2019
The town is an eerie sight on maps and satellite photos. Manassa, Colorado is not only a complete square, it’s also platted to the cardinal points: North is true north, no compass required.

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Meet a ball named Saul

January 2019
The average sticker weighs .00001 pounds. The number of stickers in the ball at the record-setting event was 171,466, but, in the two years since, Saul is up to about 225,000 stickers.

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Painter brings life to barren branches

January 2019
“Anywhere I am in the world, trees call out to me and I walk up to them, reach out to them, touch them and hug them.” Including the dead ones.