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The 10 Colfax Characters You’ll Find at Art-i-fax

August 2018
The Cheapstake. The Glutton. The Breeder. These are the people out on “the most democratic street in America” celebrating the gritty magic of Colfax at Art-i-fax.

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What is Custom Upholstery?

October 2015
What is custom upholstery and how can it change your life (or at least how you feel about your home)?

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Let’s Party Again

July 2018
Come play in the street as we turn Park Ave. into a plaza for the public at our third annual Art-i-fax. We’ll bring our diverse Colfax community together, shutting down Park Ave. from Colfax to Humboldt streets. You don’t have to imagine what a more pedestrian- and bike-friendly Colfax would look like, we’ll show you!