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Your Five Favorite Features

December 2018
Following our summer surveys, fall seems like the perfect time to revisit a few favorite callforentry.org features, as voted on by arts administrator users.

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Help Artists Find Your Call in 6 Simple Steps

October 2018
Whether setting up a roster for future exhibitions or seeking artists for a site- or media-specific project (and the many things in between), all arts administrators have the same goal: Finding the right artist for the job.

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Four Ways to Tell a Story With Your Images

October 2018
Think of each application for an exhibition or public art call as a job application. It’s imperative to adjust our “resumes” every single time to meet varying application and call requirements. But one thing remains constant: images.

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Setup For Success: Creating a Successful Public Art Call

July 2018
What is a successful public art call? From municipalities to universities, arts organizations, or hospitals, calls for public art comes in all shapes, sizes, materials, and budgets.

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Thanks But No Thanks: How to Write Rejection Notices

November 2018
It’s easier to write messages of congratulations. But there’s one piece of communication that no one delights in writing: The dreaded rejection notice.