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Our family loves drag story time, but the uptick in shooting threats make me afraid to go. I’m sad to say goodbye to it.

December 2022
When I became a mom, I was excited to take my kiddo to drag story times. Now, along with school and even church shootings, story time no longer feels safe. I'm grieving the loss of another safe space, especially one that meant so much to me.

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As Told To: My husband and I bought a 7-bedroom house and filled it up with our community. They helped us survive early parenthood.

February 2022
I wanted to run down all three flights of stairs screaming, "I'm pregnant!" But one of our housemates was hosting a dinner party, and I was terrified. I wasn't sure how anyone would react to a tiny human in the house. Over a year earlier we announced at a house meeting that we were trying. The fertility struggle that followed became common knowledge.